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DHS Girls Soccer

2023 Highlights of the Week

Highlights: Week of 10/29-11/05

Plays of the Week:

On Sunday vs. Brookline Maddie Dembowski had a big game for us.  We didn't track stats that day due to the weather but it's safe to say she made at least 15 that day.  A few couple big ones come to mind... early in the game Maddie made a diving save at the post with us already down a goal.  Early in the second half, she made a fantastic save off a headed corner kick.  The weather was not great and Maddie did not give up rebounds.  Solid day in net!


Although it didn't result in a goal, Liv St. Pierre had an amazing shot in the second half.  She ripped a right footed shot that was destined for the upper 90, but the Brookline keeper made an excellent save, tipping the ball just over the cross bar.  That's a goal 9 times out of 10.


Georgia Prouty scored our only goal late in the game vs. Brookline.  Krysta Zamejtis passed to Georgia on the right side of the field and Georgia beat several defenders on the dribble, including the keeper before getting the goal.


Having Lily Delafano up and out of the house after a major surgery certainly is a play of the week.  Lily was able to attend both the Tournament Burn and the St. Mary's game with the help from her sister Mia!


Yesterday, Brooke Wynott got us rolling with a great goal in the 13th minute.  She hit a corner kick to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia fed the ball back to her, and Brooke hit it upper shelf.  Great goal by Brooke and with the assist, Georgia recorded her 50th point of the season!  Also, it accounted for her 100th career point!!  Amazing!


Our second goal of yesterday's game proved to be the game winner.  Maddie Dembowski punted the ball just over the 50 yard line.  Krysta Zamejtis received it and sent a through ball to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia crossed the ball across the box to Lila Doucette who made a great run.  Lila carefully banged it Home for the huge goal!


Our third goal yesterday was similar.  It started with another boom of a punt by Maddie Dembowski.  Ashley Freitas corralled it and found Gianna Sutherland.  Gianna hit a perfectly weighted pass onto Georgia Prouty's feet in full stride.  Georgia attacked the keeper 1 v 1 and slid it by her with her right foot for the goal.  Beautiful play by everyone involved!


Goal 4 yesterday started with Liv St. Pierre.  She hit a rocket of a shot off of the left post.  The ball went off of the post to the other side of the goal where DeAnna Figueiredo was.  Dee did a pull back to beat a defender, a cut to beat a second and then calmly passed it by the keeper.  Awesome show of skill on that play!


In the 28th minute of our game vs. St. Mary's we registered our 5th goal.  Molly Godfried played a nice pass forward for DeAnna Figueiredo to run onto.  She cut the ball on a dime to beat her defender and laid a back pass to Liv St. Pierre about 15 yards out.  Her shot stayed low and beat the Spartan keeper for the goal.  Great passing and quality shot!


Our last goal of the game yesterday came off a corner kick.  Georgia Prouty served a low ball to Molly Godfried who dummied the ball through her legs right to Addie Lamar.  Addie miss hit her shot but with her second chance she gave a hard pass to Krysta Zamejtis about 5 yards from goal.  Krysta received it and hit it with force into the side netting for the goal.  We finally scored on that play!




Varsity Firsts:

Addie Lamar registered her first career assist and Varsity point when she set up Krysta for her goal vs. St. Mary's.





Player(s) of the Week:

DeAnna Figueiredo is one of our Players of the Week for the second time this season!  Against Brookline Dee found herself playing both forward and defender for us.  Although she'd probably much rather play the attacking position, she has proven to be very valuable to the Team playing in the back when needed.  Against Brookline she played fast, skilled and fearless and held her own all over the field.  Against St. Mary's Dee was asked to do it again.  We switched her early on in the game to play on the back line and she did a terrific job slowing down their top attacker, #7.  I don't think that #7 got off a single shot with Dee defending her.  Late in the game DeAnna was moved back up top to the wing.  Almost immediately she scored a very skilled goal off a post shot by Liv St. Pierre and then soon after, assisted on Liv's goal.  Both games she played at a top level.  Lets not forget she also busted the piñata in practice.  :)  Great playing DeAnna!


This is 4 straight weeks for Georgia Prouty as player of the week.  Georgia was fast and all over the field against a very good, defensive Team in Brookline.  She finally broke through late in the game with a goal.  It was the first time all year that Georgia only registered 1 point in a game (Crazy!) but the Brookline Coaches had nothing but praise for her telling me it was extremely tough to keep her in check.  Georgia's assist on Brooke's goal yesterday came at a crucial moment in the game.  That assist also pushed her to 25 goals and 25 assists on this season.  That is remarkable!  The assist also became Georgia's 100th career point!  That is an awesome achievement for any player but even more incredible to do it during your junior year.

With another assist and a goal in the game Georgia currently has 26 goals and 26 assists on the year and 53 goals and 49 assists for her career so far.  Let's hope she's saved some more for our continued Tournament run.  Congratulations Georgia!



Team News: 

- The MIAA Power Rankings were updated before the Tournament. You can also get the updated brackets at this link.

We are  ranked 9 in Division 3.


- The Salem News did a nice story on our game yesterday. There are some great pictures and nice player quotes as well.

 Here is the link.



- On Wednesday evening the N.E.C. had it's all star meeting.  Our Team did very well placing 4 players on the All Star Team.

Although there is not a game to be played, it's a great honor to be recognized and it says a lot about the entire Team.

Congratulations to...

Lila Doucette, 2nd Team N.E.C. All Star

Addi McCarty, 2nd Team N.E.C. All Star

Liv St. Pierre, All Conference Team

Georgia Prouty, All Conference Team and N.E.C. Player of the Year


Amazing job girls and well deserved!


In addition, both Georgia, #1 and Liv #3 were ranked so high in the league All Conference Rankings that they received some other honors...

Liv St. Pierre, EA MA 1st Team All Star, All State Team

Georgia Prouty, EA MA 1st Team All Star, All State Team


Both will be invited to play in the EA MA All Star game on Sunday, November 19th at Middleboro High School, time TBD

Congrats Girls!!



Highlights: Week of 10/23-10/29

Plays of the Week:

Our game on Monday vs. North Andover wasn't filmed so I'm relying on my old memory...


Georgia Prouty's goal in the 13th minute of the first half was assisted by Skylar Laws.  I can't remember the style of goal but it gave us the early lead and put us in command of the game.


Georgia Prouty's second goal was the tying goal in the 18th minute of the second half.  We had given up the lead but clawed our way back.  Liv St. Pierre played a ball to Georgia who turned with the ball and crushed a lefty shot into the net.


The winning goal was by Liv St. Pierre.  After Georgia Prouty was taken down by the goalkeeper, we were awarded a PK.  Liv has been clutch all season and once again she scored.  Game winner!


Maddie Dembowski was especially busy the second half of the North Andover game.  She made 9 second half saves and some were of the difficult variety.  She made 14 saves in all for the game playing a crucial role in our non-league win over the Div. 1 opponent.  Great hands!


Salem game / Senior night...


Our third goal of the game vs. Salem involved some nice passing.  Reese Holland passed to Georgia Prouty in the middle of the field.  Georgia dribbled by several players and made a nice pass to Skylar Laws who had made a nice run up the right side.  Skylar 1 touched a great pass to the center of the box where Liv St. Pierre was in the perfect spot. She drilled the ball home for the goal.  Nice movement of the ball!


Against Salem on Senior night, in the 21st minute... Molly Godfried made a nice pass up the left sideline to Georgia Prouty who dribbled and made a nice pass into the box to Skylar Laws.  Skylar took a touch to her left, and hit a nice shot with her left at a very difficult angle, that found the back of the net.  First career V goal!


In the 27th minute of the second half of Senior night we got our 5th goal of the game.  Georgia Prouty made a back pass from the 20 yard line to Skylar Laws at the 25.  Skylar one timed the pass with her right foot that soared deep and just over the reach of the goalie for the 35 yard goal.  Great hit from distance!


4 minutes later we got our 6th.  Liv Ferullo passed a ball back to Liv St. Pierre who was at our own 40 yard line.  Liv played a ball over everyone and Georgia Prouty out hustled the last defender.  She took the goalie on 1 v 1 and poked the ball just by her for the break away goal.  Nice goal from an early serve.


The next goal was very similar but was set up by a beautiful through ball.  Addi McCarthy played a ball to Brooke Wynott in our own half of the field.  Brooke picked her head up and spotted Georgia Prouty making a run.  Brooke played a perfect pass through the defenders that Georgia ran onto.  Georgia beat the keeper again and finished.  Great field awareness by Brooke.


Our last goal against Salem was very pretty.  Krysta Zamejtis played a throw in to Georgia Prouty on the right side of the field.  Georgia played a pass across the middle to Brooke Wynott.  Brooke took 2 dribbles and unleashed a blast from the exact same sport Skylar had scored from a little earlier.  The shot went upper 90 and we had the 8-0 win.  Well driven ball from long range.




Varsity Firsts:

Skylar Laws scored her first career Varsity Goal on Senior night, assisted by Georgia.  Skylar would double her output later on in the game!





Player(s) of the Week:

For a third straight week, Georgia Prouty is a Player of the Week.  Georgia scored our first 2 goals in our game at North Andover, 1 in each half.  She also created the play of our game winner when she was taken out in the box resulting in a PK.  Georgia scored two second half, break away goals vs. Salem but it was her unselfishness that made her stand out that night.  Georgia assisted on 3 goals, 2 for Skylar and 1 for Brooke and she was constantly looking to set up teammates throughout the game.  Georgia continues to lead the league in scoring, assists and total points.  Keep up the steady play Georgia!


Skylar Laws is our other Player of the Week.  Skylar had 2 great games this week.  First, against North Andover Skylar was relentless on defense on the right side of the field.  She also made several great runs up the right side of the field and one resulted in an assist on our first goal by Georgia.  Against Salem on Senior night, Skylar played very offensive and got her first career Varsity goal.  Her second goal of the game was absolutely beautifully hit from a long way out and she topped it all off by grabbing an assist on Liv St.'s goal as well.  Skylar has played rock solid defense for us all season long and she always competes for every ball she can get to.  Love to see her making things happen in the attack as well recording 4 points this week with 2 goals and 2 assists.  Awesome work Skylar!




Team News:  


- The MIAA Power Rankings were updated on Friday.  

We are currently ranked 9 in Division 3.


- Earlier in the week, the Boston Globe named Georgia Prouty one of their players of the week once again!  Congratulations Georgia!!  We've been getting a lot of good press from the Globe this season!



- One of our own will be entering the D.H.S. Blue and White Hall of Fame later this fall.  Coach Jerry "Hillsy" Hills  will be inducted into the HOF after an amazing career of Coaching.  So completely well deserved Coach!  You've touched so many lives in a positive way and you have certainly left an amazing legacy with Danvers Soccer.  The girls got the exciting job of helping Shawn let his Dad know on Tuesday this week at the end of practice.  We face timed with him to let him know the exciting news.  Congratulations Coach!  We are all so PROUD of You!



- On Wednesday we found out that our D.H.S. Team made it's season debut in the Globe Top 20 Teams Ranking.  Last year we never got on the distinguished list so it's a tribute to this year's players that they've played at a level to get that recognition this season.  Hopefully we stay on the chart and continue to move up the ladder!



Highlights: Week of 10/16-10/22

Plays of the Week:

On Tuesday at Saugus we got our first goal in the 11th minute.  Georgia Prouty played a ball to Lila Doucette on the left side of the field.  Lila sent a crossing pass that Georgia poked onto Liv St. Pierre's foot.  Liv cut the ball back to her left and hit a low, hard shot just inside the right post.  Beautiful lefty goal!


About 21 minutes into the first half vs. Saugus an attacking player got through our defense heading to goal.  Addi McCarty ran stride for stride with her as she entered the goalie box.  Addie was able to shoulder her off the ball and nullify the goal scoring opportunity with the 1 goal lead.  Great use of power and strength!


Only 30 seconds into the second half at Saugus, their #2 player made a run up the right side of the field.  She played a long cross into the box at the front post that Maddie Dembowski was able to get her glove on.  The ball went up off of her glove towards the back post where another Saugus attacker was waiting.  Thankfully Addie Lamar was in position to get her body between the attacker and the ball and Maddie was able to recover and pounce on the loose ball.  Timely defending!


In the 4th minute of the second half we went up 3-1.  Saugus played a goal kick out to about the 40 yard line.  Georgia Prouty one touched the ball out of the air to make a perfect pass onto Liv St. Pierre's foot.  Liv took one dribble and hit a hard, right footed shot on the ground through a crowd of defenders, finding the back of the goal once again.  It was her third after scoring on a PK in the first half.  Hat Trick!!!


We had one more play of the game vs. Saugus.  In the 11th minute of the second half we were awarded a corner kick.  Lila Doucette smartly realized that Saugus wasn't paying attention and played a quick ball to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia hit a wicked cross in the air that Liv St. Pierre was able to get a head on, but it went straight up.  Reese Holland came forward and headed the rebound into the goal for the finish of a beautiful play all around.  Great use of our heads, thinking... and scoring!


Against Beverly on Thursday, Liv St. Pierre fed a through ball up the left side of the field to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia out raced her defender and hit a hard shot near post past the Beverly keeper for the 1-0 lead in the 15th minute of play.  The girls made it look rather easy, but things would get much tougher in this game!


2 minutes later in the Beverly game, Skylar Laws passed a ball to Liv St. Pierre in the middle of the field.  Liv then hit a pass that found Georgia Prouty just at the edge of the 18 yard box.  Georgia took 2 dribbles to her left and hit a hard, low shot towards the back post for the 2-0 goal.  


On Thursday with 17 minutes remaining,  Beverly went on the attack.  A ball was played through our defense to Beverly's right winger who was heading for goal.  Skylar Laws came sprinting from center back and made a key, hard tackle to prevent the 1 on 1 with our goalie.  Huge defensive stop with the game still tied.


With only 12 minutes remaining in a tied game, the Beverly defense attempted to clear a ball out of their box.  The ball came right out to Lila Flynn who was about 35 yards out.  Lila one timed a blast that was heading straight for the upper 90 of the net... but the freshman keeper made a spectacular save to keep the game tied.  It wasn't a goal, but it was an amazing attempt by Lila on net.


With under 8 minutes left of a super tense game, a long ball was played by Beverly over our defense.  The left wing was past all of our players and Maddie Dembowski came way out of the box to challenge her.  The Beverly player got past Maddie and hit a long, grounded shot towards our empty net.  Out of nowhere, Addi McCarty came sprinting to make the goal line save only feet from our goal.  Game saving play!


With under 3 minute remaining in the Beverly game, Molly Godfried passed to Liv St. Pierre in our own end of the field.  Liv then sent a long pass from her own 40 yard line through the heart of the Beverly defense.  Georgia Prouty sprinted onto the pass and past every defender with only the keeper to beat.  She slipped the ball passed the oncoming keeper and carefully placed a pass into the back of the net for the game winner.  Hat trick!!!  Last minute heroics!  


Varsity Firsts:

Liv St. Pierre had her first career Varsity hat trick against Saugus on Tuesday.  She also added an assist!


Player(s) of the Week:

For the second week in a row, Liv St. Pierre is one of our Players of the Week.  Against Saugus she had her first career hat trick.  Her first was a great, left footed shot from outside the box.  Her second was a well placed penalty kick.  Her third was a low screamer from 30 yards out.  To top it off, Liv headed the ball off the corner kick that lead to Reese's goal.  Liv was named player of the game on the way Home.  On Thursday, Liv was in the thick of our offense once again.  She assisted on all 3 of Georgia's goals and had a handful of near misses herself.  Liv has proven to be a handful to contain for every Team we've played.  She continues to control the midfield and had been a major factor in our offensive production.  Liv is currently 3rd in the league in points.  Awesome job Olivia!


Also for a second straight week, Georgia Prouty is a Player of the Week.  Georgia had an assist on all 3 of Liv's goals at Saugus and it was Georgia who was taken down in the box that produced a penalty kick for us.  Against Beverly, Georgia scored all 3 of our goals.  The first was on a break up the left side of the field finished with a near post shot.  The second was a ball received at the 18, turned and scored far post.  The third was a break away on the keeper that she dribbled by and placed into the goal.  Georgia was named player of the game on the way Home.  It seems every game Georgia is marked closely by several defenders.  She has become very good at slipping away from that coverage to get open.  When defended, Georgia has done a tremendous job at finding her open teammates.  She currently leads the league in total points, goals and assists!  Keep it up Georgia!




Team News:  


- The MIAA Power Rankings were updated on Friday before our game.  

We are currently ranked 7 in Division 3.


- Earlier in the week, the Boston Globe named Olivia St. Pierre one of their players of the week.  Congrats and well earned Liv!!


Highlights: Week of 10/02-10/8

Plays of the Week:

On Wednesday we didn't get off to the start we had hoped for but only 12 minutes into the game we tied it up.  Georgia Prouty made a great run up the left side of the field and played a perfect ball through the box.  Krysta Zamejtis had timed her run and was in perfect position to score the goal.  It was very nicely executed and couldn't have come at a more important time.


Once again, trailing by a goal, we were able to tie it up in the first half.  with only 4 minutes remaining a ball bounced off a defender off a wicked shot from Georgia Prouty, out to Brooke Wynott.  Brooke's shot found the back of the net which would eventually be the game tying goal.  Well placed, and again, nice timing getting the goal before halftime.


The Swampscott game has not yet come up on Hudl or youtube so I haven't been able to watch this play back yet... but in the second half a ball was played to Krysta Zamejtis with her back to her defender.  Krysta did a scissor move with her left and cut the ball with the outside of her right, putting the ball right through the defenders legs.  I know I'm not describing it well, but when the video is available it's worth checking out.  Awesome moment of  technical skill!


Only about 30 seconds into yesterday's match, we had a moment of possession that involved several players, ending with Molly Godfried playing a ball through 2 Lynnfield defenders to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia had a tough angle but hit her shot well, right into the back of the right side of the net for our first goal.  That's how you start a game!


Our second goal vs. Lynnfield was the the key to the game.  Only moments after Lila Doucette's fine shot had hit the crossbar, Georgia Prouty flicked a ball on with her right foot to Liv St. Pierre.  Liv collected it, beat 1 defender and was able to get a left footed shot off between 4 Lynnfield defenders, all within 2 yards of her.  Her shot hit the upper corner of the net and was certainly one of our best goals of the season!  Love a left footed shot, hit so well, going in!


Maddie Dembowski had a terrific game against Lynnfield.  With about 23 minutes left in the first half, a Lynnfield attacker broke in on goal behind our defense with a break away.  Maddie came out low with her arms extended and was able to get her body on the shot, making the important save at a crucial time in the game.  Not long after, Maddie had to do it again as another player broke in.  This time Maddie came out fast and made the tackle with her feet and stopping the scoring chance.  Maddie made 6 big saves on the day for her 5th shutout!


Varsity Firsts:

No Varsity Firsts that I can think of for this past week.


Player of the Week:

DeAnna Figueiredo had 2 fantastic games this week.  Trailing early against Swampscott we brought Dee in as an outside back hoping to get as many attacking players on the field as possible.  DeAnna not only gave us attack up the flanks of the left side of the field but she also defended very well.  Yesterday against Lynnfield DeAnna played amazing.  She was flying up and down the right side of the field.  On our first goal she was perfectly placed at the back post to knock it in if Georgia's shot had gone wide.  Later on in the half Dee made another great run towards the back post and almost scored the third goal of the game had it not been an inch offside.  DeAnna's work rate in games has been amazing both offensively and defensively and she's constantly keeping things entertaining at practice.  She has really stepped up her game.  Keep it up Dee!


Team News:  

Georgia Prouty was recognized in a nice article in the Boston Herald.  If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link:



Highlights: Week of 9/25-10/1

Plays of the Week:

Yes it was only in practice, but we only had one game this week.  :)  On Thursday we finished our practice with a shooting drill called Power and Finesse.  We had the upperclassmen take on the underclassmen and it was certainly a battle.  Twice towards the end of the match, Molly Godfried was called upon to deliver 2 goals on her turn.  The first time she came through.  The second time, with the game on her shoulders, she did it again, hitting both her power and finesse shots sending the upperclassmen to victory!  Impressive under pressure!


Emma Sutherland clearly likes to play against Peabody.  For the second time this season, Emma came into the Peabody game with the score knotted 0-0.  And once again, she scored the winning goal!  This time it was off of a cross into the box by Georgia Prouty.  Timely score!


Early in the second half, Lila Doucette beat her defender up the right side of the field and sent a crossing pass to Liv St. Pierre.  Liv found Georgia Prouty who played a ball up the middle of the box, and was beautifully "dummied" and heel flicked by Krysta Zamejtis back to Georgia who continued her run.  Georgia then slammed the left footed shot home for the goal.  Krysta's creativity is what made the entire play stand out.  


With 5 minutes to play in the game, a Peabody defender played a ball back to her keeper who couldn't pick it up.  Lila Doucette noticed this and immediately hounded her with pressure.  Lila poked the ball through the keepers legs (Panna!) and ran around her to tuck it into the net for a 4th goal.  All out hustle play!


Maddie Dembowski didn't have to make any big saves vs. Peabody.  However, she did have to handle numerous through balls and long bouncing serves over our back line during the game on a slick field.  She handled all of them sure handedly en route to her 4th shutout of the season!  I should also give a shout out to Lila Flynn who is called on many times at practice to do double duty as both a defender and a goalkeeper.  Lila always is ready when we need her to put the gloves on at practice and she's been fantastic as an outside back for us in games!


Varsity Firsts:

No Varsity Firsts that I can think of for this past week.

Player(s) of the Week:

Liv St. Pierre was our player of the game on Friday and thus our player of the week!  Liv played a tremendous game in the midfield for us.  Everything we did offensively went through her.  Liv's first touch was always away from pressure and she had several bullets that she hit towards the Peabody goal, just missing.  Liv set up the play for the goal by Georgia and then got a second assist on Gianna Sutherland's goal.  Liv continues to be our center of the field presence both offensively and defensively.  Great job Liv!


What better time to mention 4 key players that have been amazing throughout the first half of the season and all had terrific weeks this past week, both in practice and in the Peabody game...


Molly Godfried brings a positive energy to every practice and every game.  You can count on it every day.  Her upbeat enthusiasm keeps the Team focused every practice.  Along with her heroics in Thursday's practice, Molly had a strong game vs. the Tanners on Friday.  When we possess the ball it usually starts with Molly and she's always part of our passing combinations.  On Friday Molly continually started our attack from her defensive mid position and was always in perfect shape defensively when Peabody tried to enter our end of the field.  Molly often becomes the first defender when the other Team takes possession.  Keep up the positivity and great, skilled overall play Molly!  


Krysta Zamejtis has really picked it up offensively for the Team these past 2 weeks.  She currently has 3 goals and 3 assists and almost all of them have been pretty to witness.  Krysta plays with a creative flare on the field and is never shy to try a move in a game.  At practice she'll be the first one to let the Team know we need to pick up the intensity if it's needed.  On Friday Krysta's beautiful assist on Georgia's goal was both creative and timely as we were hunting for that second goal of the game.  Krysta played the entire game with fire, putting great pressure on the Tanner defense and forcing them to turn the ball over to us.  Well done Krysta and keep bringing the creativity! 


Defensively, Skylar Laws has been so reliable for us all season long.  She plays heavy minutes and defends some of the opponents best scoring options every game.  Skylar plays physical, and puts her body on the line every game.  She's not afraid to challenge anyone for a 50 / 50 ball.  In practice, Skylar is always looking to perfect the little things and she's always giving out positive feedback to her teammates.  In Friday's game, Skylar dominated her side of the field defensively.  Even more importantly, she got involved in our attack up the right flank of the field, time and time again.  When Skylar moves up the field it creates so many possibilities for our attack and she always gets back in transition.  Awesome job Skylar!


Reese Holland had one of the most exciting plays of the game Friday.  In the second half, off a corner kick serve, Reese leapt into the air and slammed a header on net... just wide.  It was an amazing play and shows just how dangerous Reese has become on set plays for us.  She is not afraid to use her head in any situation on the field and that has become so valuable to the Team.  Reese has a fantastic Team first attitude in games and at every practice.  She's always one to pick up her teammates when they need it.  Against Peabody, Reese had a super game all over the field, defensively and in our attack.  When she is pushing up into the middle of the field to challenge the opponent for a 50 / 50 ball, our Team is at it's best.  Keep dominating the defensive end of the field Reese!


Together the 4 Captains have created an environment where all the players are valued and allowed to be themselves.  There is a ton of laughter each day at practice because the Team has become so close and really enjoy being around each other.  The 4 also know when to buckle down and get the Team focused and work harder.  The Coaches have really appreciated their leadership so far and we know it will continue! 



Team News:  

- Georgia Prouty was once again named a Player of the Week for the Boston Globe, for her 13 points from the week before.

Congrats and well earned Georgia!!


- We had a small article in the "Corner Kicks" section of the Boston Globe last week...

Highlights: Week of 9/18-9/24

Plays of the Week:

1 minute into our game against Beverly on Monday, DeAnna Figueiredo got us off to a great start.  Georgia Prouty hit a shot on target that rebounded off a Beverly player to DeAnna who blasted the ball into the back of the net for the 1-0 lead.


With 9 minutes remaining in a tie game with Beverly, Georgia Prouty beat her defender up the left side of the field along the end line.  She played a perfect pass to the penalty spot where Gianna Sutherland was waiting.  Gianna one timed a perfect shot just inside the right post for what would eventually become the game winner.  Clutch!


We had quite a bit of offense against Winthrop on Wednesday but one of the prettiest plays of the game was when Krysta Zamejtis dribbled the ball up field into the Viking area.  Georgia Prouty made a run behind her and to the left, bringing her defender with her and creating space.  Krysta then made a perfect, diagonal pass against the grain to Emma Sutherland who was making a great run.  Emma placed her shot perfectly and it was a beautiful play all around.  


Our other play of the game vs. Winthrop came late in the second half.  Lila Doucette crossed in a perfect corner kick.  DeAnna Figueiredo positioned herself at the back post and leapt into the air.  Her timing of her jump was perfect as she crushed the ball with her head sending it into the goal.  Amazing vertical leap!


Last night, 5 minutes into the second half against Bishop Fenwick, Liv St. Pierre was taken down in the box and awarded a PK.  Penalties are quite stressful but Liv calmly placed her shot to the left of the keeper for an easy goal.  So we thought...  However, someone had crossed into the 18 yard box too soon so Liv had to retake her shot.  It's hard enough to do it once, but Liv did it a second time, and in the same spot!  That's confidence.  That goal made it 5-1 and seemed to take B. Fenwick out of the game.


Our final play of the week came 4 minutes after Liv's PK.  Georgia Prouty played a quick corner kick to Brooke Wynott, catching the Crusaders sleeping.  Brook took a wicked shot from about 18 yards out with incredible bend on the ball.  Her shot was gorgeous and gave us our 6th of the game.  You know it's a big play when announcer Jill says "Brooke bent it like Beckham!"



Varsity Firsts:

DeAnna Figueiredo's 1st minute goal into the Beverly match was her first career Varsity goal.

Ashley Freitas assisted on Gianna Sutherland's goal late in the Winthrop match for her first Varsity assist and point.

In our final goal of the Bishop Fenwick game, Claudia Drakos got her first Varsity assist on Reese Holland's second goal.




Player(s) of the Week:

Addi McCarty had a big week for us on defense.  Against Beverly she played flawless deep in our own end and help keep our back 4 organized and in shape.  The first half was probably our best defensive half of the year, shutting down Beverly completely.  In the Winthrop game, Addi's steady play at center back pretty much nullified any kind of attack at all by Winthrop.  She also had several great serves into the Winthrop end giving us multiple scoring opportunities.  She was named one of our 3 players of the game that day.  Last night against B. Fenwick, Addi once again rose to the occasion.  Whether it was chasing down a fast attacker, heading a ball out of danger or making a strong tackle, Addi was there defensively for us.  She plays a ton of minutes and continues to shine defensively.  Keep it up Addi!


Georgia Prouty had a pretty stellar 3 game week.  Against Beverly she scored on a break away feed from Liv St. Pierre and assisted on goals from DeAnna and Gianna.  More importantly, Georgia raised her defensive game in the midfield late in the game when things were tight.  In the Winthrop game, she accounted for 2 goals and assisted on Emma's second goal and both of Krysta's goals.  She was named player of the game.  Last night Georgia was once again all over the field.  She assisted on the first goal of the game scored by Krysta.  She assisted on Brooke's second goal... and she found the time to score 3 more of her own, assists going to Liv St. (2), Gianna and Emma.  If your counting, that's 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points in only 3 games.  Georgia currently has 13 goals and 12 assists on the season.  Awesome work Georgia!



Team News:  

- $500 was raised last night at the game in honor of Coach Hillsy.  He will be donating $250 to My Brother's Table in Lynn and $250 to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Thank you to all who made a donation!

Highlights: Week of 9/11-9/17

Plays of the Week:

In our game on Monday against Gloucester we scored a lot of goals.  However, it was the last one that stuck out to me because of a gorgeous pass.  Liv Ferullo took a couple dribbles around midfield and played a perfect through ball to Emma Sutherland for the breakaway.  Emma easily converted the chance for the goal.  Liv's pass was right between 2 Gloucester defenders and perfectly weighted to meet Emma in full sprint stride.


Against Marblehead, our first goal was timely and exciting.  It originated off a huge punt from Maddie Dembowski in net.  I haven't seen the video of the game yet but I believe Lila Doucette sprinted and gathered the punt just after midfield.  While doing so, Georgia Prouty was sprinting at full pace from about 15 yards behind.  As she caught up to Lila, I'm not certain if she got a touch on the ball or not, but the 2 defenders involved went after Georgia, leaving Lila alone on goal. She finished the shot for the 1-0 early lead.  


The second goal of the game at Marblehead was off of an artistic through ball between 2 Marblehead defenders by Liv St. Pierre to Lila Doucette who was making a diagonal run.  Lila took the pass in stride and blasted her second goal of the game.


On Friday we had a stretch in the first half where the Team connected on 8 consecutive passes in the Andover end of the field, ending with a great shot by Brooke Wynott.  It was a moment where we proved we can possess the ball if we choose to and work at it.


Also on Friday, our very late goal in the game was a smart, heads up play by Georgia Prouty and Lila Doucette.  When awarded a corner kick, the girls noticed that Andover wasn't playing attention.  Lila played a quick corner to Georgia who beat the first defender on the dribble.  She then fired a wicked shot just inside the near post for the inspirational goal.


Varsity Firsts:

Against Gloucester, Georgia Prouty recorded the first hat trick of the season.

Against Gloucester, Gianna Sutherland scored her first Varsity Goal.

Against Gloucester, DeAnna Figueiredo recorded her first Varsity Assist on Gianna's Goal.  

Against Gloucester, Liv Ferullo recorded her first Varsity Assist on Emma's Goal.

Against Marblehead, Maddie Dembowski recorded her first Varsity Assist (As a Goalie! had one last year as a field player)

Against Marblehead, Lila Doucette recorded her first career hat trick.




Player of the Week:

We had a couple of hat tricks this week, a shut out and some outstanding defensive performances.  But it was the overall, talented play in all 3 games that gets Olivia St. Pierre the Player of the Week honor.  Liv had a relatively quiet game vs. Gloucester.  She played well in the middle and scored her first goal of the season, unassisted in the first half.  In the Marblehead game, Liv was the linchpin in our attack.  She assisted on Lila Doucette's second and third goals.  Both were beautifully placed passes through the seam of the defense.  Olivia saved her best game for the end of the week as she completely dominated all over the Andover field for the full 80 minutes.  She won every head ball, made terrific tackles defensively, played 1 and 2 touch in the midfield and beat countless defenders on the dribble.  All in all it was an awesome week of play for her.  She currently is tied for the Team lead in assists with 5 and we'll need her to continue that unselfish play going forward.  Well done Liv!


Team News:  

- Georgia Prouty was named a Boston Globe Sports Player of the Week for her 6 goals and 4 assists in the first 3 games of the season!

Highlights: Week of 9/6-9/10

Plays of the Week:

In our game on Wed. vs. Peabody, we controlled play throughout but still hadn't put the ball in the net well into the first half.  In the 28th minute, Krysta Zamejtis sent Georgia Prouty up the left side of the field with a through ball.  Georgia outran her defenders and sent a low pass across the box.  Freshman Emma Sutherland, who had just entered the game for her first Varsity minutes, made a nice diagonal run and calmly place her shot into the left side of the goal.  It was a huge moment for the Team!


We were down 2-1 to Masco at halftime on Friday.  In the 8th minute of the 2nd half, Liv St. Pierre found Georgia Prouty who broke up the left side of the field with speed.  Georgia was defended with 2 Masco players draped on her and probably could have gotten off a shot from the left side.  Instead, she sent a square pass across to Lila Doucette who was making a great run up the middle.  Lila slammed home a powerful shot to tie the game for us and give us momentum at that point.  Very nice goal!


Varsity Firsts:

Against Peabody, freshman Emma Sutherland scored her first varsity goal.

Against Peabody, junior goalkeeper Maddie Dembowski recorded her first solo Varsity Shutout in net.

Against Masco, junior Gianna Sutherland recorded her first Varsity assist on Georgia Prouty's goal.  



Players of the Week:

Senior Captain, Reese Holland is our first player of the week.  Against Peabody, Reese set the tone right from the start defensively for us.  She competed for and won every 50 / 50 ball and won every head ball in the middle of the field.  It got to the point where Peabody wasn't getting any kind of attack going and Reese was a major part of that.  She was selected as our "Spotlight, Player of the Game" on our bus ride home and gave a great speech!  Against Masco, Reese continued to play solid defense at center back against one of the most dangerous attacking teams in the area.  She did so while not feeling well throughout and played very well.  Keep it up the solid play Reese!


Junior, Georgia Prouty is our second player of the week.  Georgia led our Team in offense a year ago and that trend has continued.  Against Peabody she assisted on both first half goals, one by Emma Sutherland and the other by Brooke Wynott.  Then in the second half, Georgia scored 2 of her own.  They were assisted by Lila Doucette and Liv St. Pierre.  A 4 point game is pretty rare and Georgia came up big for us in our opener.  Against Masco, Georgia scored on a breakaway with an assist from Gianna Sutherland early into the game.  In the second half, Georgia got the nice assist on Lila's goal.  In 2 games played she had 3 goals and 3 assists.  Great effort Georgia!


Our third player of the week goes to sophomore Lila Doucette.  Lila had a well balanced game vs. Peabody playing both wing and striker for us.  She assisted on Georgia's first goal in the second half.  She really went above and beyond in the our game vs. Masco.  I asked Lila to start the game at outside back and she certainly delivered.  She found herself going 1 v 1 with some of the fastest attackers in our league and did well to slow them down and keep them at bay.  Lila also spent time in her usual attacking positions up top and scored that huge goal, assisted by Georgia to get us going in the second half.  Lila also saw a little time playing center back in that game, a position we hadn't even tried yet with her.  Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to play anywhere asked Lila.  That's a great Team first attitude!


Team News:  None this week

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