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November 8, 2023
Danvers 1 - Tantasqua 2

The Danvers Girls Varsity Soccer Team made the long drive to Sturbridge Wednesday night for their round 2 State Tournament game against Tantasqua Regional.  Tantasqua had the #8 seed thus getting the advantage and being able to host the game on their home turf.  They came into the match at 15-4 on the season.


The weather was very chilly but the Falcons came out hot in the first couple of minutes of the game.  Junior, Georgia Prouty just missed wide on an early shot attempt and things looked good for the Falcons.  However, it only took Tantasqua about 5 minutes in to settle down and start to play well.  They got several good scoring chances early, but junior goalkeeper Maddie Dembowski was outstanding making several huge saves, 1 of them at point blank range.


"We looked outstanding for the first few minutes.  Then the tide started to shift.  Maddie kept us in the game for sure.  They had at least 3 really good scoring opportunities and Maddie shut them all down."


The host Warriors had a distinct advantage in shots in the first half, 13-6.  Still, Danvers shots were on target and it looked as though the visitors could break through at anytime.  Tantasqua also had an edge in first half corner kicks, 5-1.  The game went back and forth and got very physical with Danvers playing very well in the second 20 minutes of the first half.  After 40 minutes, the score stayed at 0-0.


Danvers picked up the intensity the second half and had a golden opportunity to cash in.  Prouty hit a hard shot that went off the crossbar and straight down on but not over the goal line.  A slew of Danvers attacker were there for the rebound but nobody was able to put it in the goal keeping the game 0-0.  Danvers got extraordinary play from defenders Addi McCarty and Lila Doucette, both sophomores, the second half.  Another sophomore, DeAnna Figueiredo also played extremely well on the defensive line.


It looked as though the game would be heading towards a 0-0 tie but with 8 minutes remaining in the game, Tantasqua got the first goal of the game on a beautiful shot from distance.  The Falcons didn't panic though and got the equalizer less than a minute later.  Sophomore Liv St. Pierre found Brooke Wynott with a pass and the junior lofted a shot over the keepers head for the tying goal.


"That happened so quickly.  The whole game was full of fantastic chances by both teams only to have them all either missed or saved.  Then, in the span of 60 seconds, 2 goals were scored.  Absolutely crazy." 


Tantasqua 6 more corner kicks in the second half and had a total of 12 shots on the Danvers net as opposed to the 15 the Falcons had.  After no further goals, the 2 Teams went into sudden death overtime.  After 2 10 minute OT periods had almost finished up, it looked as though the game would be decided by penalties.  But with about a minute to play, the hosts got the game winner off a shot from outside the 18.  The goal was devastating and the Tantasqua Warriors had beaten the Falcons 2-1.


"That's the hardest way to go down in the tournament.  We fought so hard tonight but just couldn't create the breaks we needed.  I thought this was Maddie's best game of the year.  She made some incredible saves.  Addi and Lila made numerous game saving defensive plays in the second half as well."


"The hardest part is always the reactions of the seniors.  My heart goes out to all of them.  We were blessed with 7 terrific seniors this season.  Liv Ferullo, Reese Holland, Molly Godfried, Krysta Zamejtis and Skylar Laws were amazing players all season long.  Ellie Frost and Mia Delafano were outstanding managers and the 7 really created a welcoming atmosphere with their tremendous leadership.  They will all be certainly missed.  I"m proud of the season the Team had.  The girls were a pleasure to Coach."


Danvers finished the season at 14-4-2.

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