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DHS Girls Soccer

2022 Highlights of the Week

Highlights of the Week - November 7, 2022

Plays of the Week:
- Ellie Anderson scored 4 minutes into the game vs. Wilmington, a play set up by Courtney Hinchion and assisted by Georgia Prouty on a great run.
-Lila Doucette grabbing the ball out of the net after our first 2 goals against Wilmington and running it back to the center circle to show everyone, "We're ready for more!"

- Liv St. Pierre threading a perfect through ball to Georgia Prouty and Ellie Anderson with Ellie scoring her second of the game vs. Wilmington.

- Molly Godfried's goal assisted by Krysta Zamejtis vs. Grafton to cut the lead to 3-1 at halftime.  Krysta served a ball into the box which was touched by a Grafton defender and bounce towards Molly.  Molly 1 touched a beautiful volley over the keeper's head for the goal.   

- Lila Doucette heading a Grafton corner kick off our own crossbar and out of harms way before halftime, preventing a goal into our open net.

- Emily Goddard made countless saves in the Grafton game keeping us in the game when we needed it most.  We had her at 14 saves before Tabitha's pen ran out of ink!

Player(s) of the Week:
- This week our Player of the Week is Ellie Anderson.  Ellie was in a different gear in the Wilmington game.  She came out flying at a faster pace than everyone on the Wilmington team.  Her desire instantly sparked her teammates to the same type of drive, resulting in one of our best games of the season by far.  Before the game Ellie approached the Coaches asking if she could start on the left wing as opposed to her usual right side.  She felt she could cut in and have the ball on her right foot for opportunities on net.  She was right on the money!!  Ellie scored 2 goals early, both by cutting into the middle of the field on great runs and powered us to the 2-0 victory.  Ellie came out playing with the same pace against Grafton as well.  Although the result wasn't what we had hoped, Ellie gave us everything she had at her attacking spot as well as defensively at the end of the game.  Great stuff Ellie!

- Our other players of the week are our 9 Seniors!  Mikayla Shaffaval, Emma Gibbons, Ellie Anderson, Cali Abbatessa, Emily Goddard, Katie Walfield, Teagan Price, Ryley Crosby and Courtney Hinchion have given their all to the program for the past 4 years.  Each has carved their own path to where they are today and each was an amazing role model and student athlete on this year's Varsity Team.  I've been coaching the girls 24 years and never have I had a group of seniors be more welcoming and inclusive to the younger players on the Team.  Our Team chemistry was amazing and the Seniors are a huge reason for that.  On the game field and at practice, our seniors set a very high level of compete level.  The group came into pre-season camp in terrific shape setting the bar very high for all the players.  Each had their own role to play on this Team and fully took it on with enthusiasm and Pride.  Thank You all for your contributions and your outstanding work ethic!  You'll all be missed dearly and I look forward to hearing about your achievements through the rest of your senior year as well as your college endeavors.  Continue to be the outstanding LEADERS and young ladies that you are!


Exciting Team News:  
- The N.E.C. All Stars were selected last week and we had 4 girls named to the Team!  Congratulations to Olivia St. Pierre and Emily Goddard for being named League All Stars! Congratulations to Georgia Prouty and Mikayla Shaffaval for being named to the "All Conference Team."  These 4 girls have had amazing seasons and it speaks volumes that the other Coaches in the league voted for you.  It's also a huge shout out to your teammates because they have helped you become the players that you are.  

- We also had some EA MA All Stars...
Emily Goddard was named a 2nd Team EA MA All Star!
Mikayla Shaffaval was named a 1st Team EA MA All Star!
Georgia Prouty was named a 1st Team EA MA All Star and was also named to the All State Team!


Congratulations Girls!!  Your recognitions are certainly well deserved!

Highlights of the Week - October 24, 2022

Varsity Firsts:
- Emily Goddard recorded her first varsity point with an assist on Ellie Anderson's first goal.  Emily hit a goal kick to almost the 50 and Ellie took it from there.

- Maddie Dembowksi recorded her first varsity point with an assist on Molly Godfried's goal.  Maddie beat her man up the right side of the field and crossed a great ball on the ground that Molly punched in right up the middle.  Great day offensively for our Keepers!

Plays of the Week:
- Lila Doucette got the game winner in the Salem game only 6 minutes into the game, but it gave us a comfort level knowing we had the early lead.  After some nice possession, Georgia Prouty played a ball to Lila, who shielded off her defender and shot, finding the back of the net for the key goal.  

-With 8 minutes remaining in the first half, Emily Goddard hit a monster of a goal kick to the midfield line.  After a scramble at midfield, Ellie Anderson emerged and  beat several defenders before letting a wicked, low shot rip into the back of the Salem net for our third goal of the game.  Gorgeous goal.  Impressive assist.  

- Courtney Hinchion had a highlight real type of goal off an incredible assist by Lila Doucette early in the second half.  Lila beat her man up the right side of the field and played a perfect, hard, low pass towards the back post into the Salem box.  Courtney timed her run perfectly from her left mid spot and slammed it home, one timed for the 4th goal of the game.  We work on those all the time in practice.

- Molly Godfried's goal was similar to Courtney's off an awesome, first time assist by Maddie Dembowski.  Maddie beat her defender up the right side of the field and passed a low cross into the box.  Molly made a great run right up the middle of the field and one timed a perfect shot into the back of the net.  It was an extremely well executed play.  

- Emma Gibbons had the golf shot of the day on Thursday.  Although many of her teammates had come so close... it was the Minion who cashed in on the hole in one.  Emma hit her tee shot deep and straight on the toughest hole of the course.  The hole was located on a hill.  Emma's shot went up the hill, paused and rolled backwards right into the hole!  Hole in One!  I only wished I had captured it on video.  

Player(s) of the Week:
- This week our Player of the Week is Teagan Price.  Teagan was named our player of the game for our contest with Salem and gave a nice speech on the way Home.  Teagan played terrifically the entire game, both at midfield and forward.  She was quick to the ball, caused turnovers with her defending and attacked hard.  Late in the game we had 2 shots on the Salem goalkeeper.  Both shots produced rebounds from their goalie that Teagan exploded towards and on both, she scored!...  unfortunately the ref thought otherwise.  Both goals were called back.  Everyone on our Coaching staff agreed that both goals should have counted.  Teagan was onside on both and since both came off a deflection of the other team, no offside should have been called.  I was most impressed with Teagan's aggressiveness to go after the rebounds on both plays.  That's something we've been talking a lot about at practice lately and it was great to see her capitalize in both situations.  Teagan doesn't always get the attention she deserves playing a very defensive position on the field.  However, she's been a vital part of our Team defending and is often the starter of our possession of the ball.  Off the field, Teagan continues to be a fantastic leader with the Team.  She always makes sure everyone is included and she is the definition of what a Captain should be.  Keep it up Teagan!!


Exciting Team News:  
- The Team is currently #14 in the latest MIAA Power Rankings for Division 2.  If the season ended today, we'd host a first round game in the Tournament.  However, there are a few games left and we won't know for sure until Wednesday, where we stand.  


- Congratulations to Georgia Prouty for finishing as the N.E.C. League leader in goals with 17 and total points with 25.  That's pretty amazing for a sophomore.  Georgia currently has 27 career goals and 21 assists for 48 points.  Lets hope she's saved some for this November!


- Congratulations to Olivia St. Pierre for finishing as the N.E.C. League leader in assists with 12!  What an incredible accomplishment for a freshman!  Liv currently has 6 goals, 12 assists and at least 6 crossbars for 18 points!  That is tied for third in the League.  Well done Liv!


- Congratulations to Ellie Anderson who I believe moved into the top 10 in League points with 10 goals and 5 assists for 15 points.  That is pretty impressive for a player that has spent a lot of time on our defensive back line.  Well in Ellie!

-Congratulations to Emily Goddard who finished the regular season with 7 1/2 shutouts which is either 2nd or 3rd in the N.E.C. depending on how Swampscott finishes.  Although it's not an official stat kept by the league, I'm pretty sure Emily lead the league this year in saves with "Too Many."  Keep it up Emily, we're going to need it in November!


Highlights of the Week - October 17, 2022

Plays of the Week:

- Ellie Anderson had a fantastic, hard working goal to start off the week vs. Saugus.  Lila Doucette beat her man to the corner and sent a cross in the air into the box.  With a defender and the goalkeeper putting pressure on her back, Ellie brought the ball down out of the air, turned, and tucked her shot into the back corner of the net.


- Addi McCarty played a perfect pass to Molly Godfried.  Molly took a fantastic shot on net that the Saugus keeper made a diving save on.  The rebound rolled just out of reach of Katie Walfield who was making the correct, back post run.  It was almost the perfect goal, but a great play by the 3 girls none the less.


- Ryley Crosby made her 4th goal line save of the year!  Off a Saugus corner, Ryley held her near post and made a huge clear that reached Ellie Anderson at about the 20 yard line.  Ellie burst through at least 2 Saugus defenders off the dribble, finishing with a great through ball to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia sprinted with the ball on a break away and calmly slotted the ball in the left side of the net for the exciting goal and amazing play all around.


- Also in the Saugus game... Krysta Zamejtis outworked a defender in the Saugus corner of the box, and played a drop pass to Lila Doucette.  Lila played the ball square to a wide open Teagan Price at the top of the 18.  Teagan hit a blast at the upper goal frame that the Saugus keeper was just able to get a finger tip on to clear it over the crossbar.  So close, but terrific try on net.


- Courtney Hinchion had a very nice goal from just outside the 18 yard box vs. Saugus.  Krysta Zamejtis hit a long cross into the box that a Saugus defender cleared.  The clear bounced right to Courtney who one timed her shot over the keeper's head for the goal.


- Our last goal against Saugus involved quick passing.  Molly Godfried played a ball to Olivia St. Pierre on the right side of the field.  Oliva 2 touched a pass square to Georgia Prouty.  Georgia took a quick touch to her left and ripped a low, left footed shot into the corner of the net for our 4th goal of the game.


- Before the Beverly game, Coach Abbatessa gave a pre-game speech that drew some tears from some of our older players, yet inspired the team to play at a super high level for the win.  Coach Abbatessa certainly knows which buttons to push to get the most from the Team.


- Lila Doucette scored 6 minutes into the Beverly game with a huge goal.  Liv St. Pierre beat her defender on the end line and played a diagonal back pass to Lila who had made a great run into the box.  Wide open, Lila slammed her shot into the back of the net for the goal. 


- Right after Beverly had tied the game 7 minutes in, Liv St. Pierre played the opening pass to Georgia Prouty who beat 2 defenders right up the middle of the field.  She let loose a wicked left footed shot that the Beverly keeper saved but couldn't hold onto.  Ellie Anderson had sprinted from the very start of the play and was there to put in the rebound for the eventual game winning goal.  The whole play took only 15 seconds.


- About 2/3 into the second half.  Beverly was awarded a free kick from 35 yards out.  #16 lofted a long ball over our defense right onto the left foot of #8, who had timed her run well.  She one timed a blast from the 6 yard line on Emily Goddard.  Emily's quick reflexes and instincts enabled her to make the huge save keeping the lead in tact.  


-  With under 10 minutes to play and Beverly applying more pressure, they were awarded a direct kick just outside our goal box.  The Panther serve into the box was headed on net and Emily Goddard made a lightning quick reaction save to parry the ball over the goal, once again keeping the score 2-1 in our favor.


Player of the Week:

- This week our Player of the Week is Ryley Crosby.  We had so many players really up their games this week and come up outstanding efforts in both games.  However, Ryely really stood out in both games with her defense and her overall intensity on the field.  Against Saugus, Ryely consistently won 1 v 1 battles with smart positioning and hard tackles.  It was her steady play that enabled us to keep an explosive Saugus offense under control and off the scoreboard.  In the second half, on a Saugus corner kick, Ryley held her position on the near post and was able to make a crucial clear when the shot was put on net.  That was the 4th time this season, that Ryley has made that play!  Not only did she make the goal saving stop, her clear initiated our second goal of the game scored by Georgia and assisted by Ellie.  Game saving play on defense and an assist all in one moment for Ryley!  Against Beverly, Ryley played tough and did a super job slowing down Beverly's dangerous Bella Jimenez #19.  Ryley was not shy to play very direct, keeping the ball out of our end and putting pressure into the Beverly end.  Her steady defensive efforts throughout the entire game pushed us to our biggest win of the season so far.  Well done and keep up the outstanding defending Ryley!


Exciting Team News:

- The Team stayed at #15 in the latest MIAA Power Rankings for Division 2.  However, that ranking didn't include our Beverly victory which would certainly be a plus for us.  Since then though, Beverly has lost again and Masco now has a tie on their record.  So those results could affect our ranking negatively perhaps.  We'll find out Tuesday when the next rankings come out.  It's too much math for me to figure out right now!


- The Team got a great victory on our Home Field for possibly our last Home Game.  We won't know until Nov. 2 whether we'll get a Home tournament game or not, but we're prepared to take pieces of our field with us if and when we take the road in the post season.  Either way, it was a fantastic Win on our Home Field that has been so good to us this year.


- Coach Jerry Hills, "Hillsy" reached an amazing milestone on Tuesday.  With his Junior Varsity's 3-0 victory over Saugus, he gained his 500th career win with Varsity and Junior Varsity matches combined dating back to the early 90's.  What an amazing achievement Coach!!

Highlights of the Week - October 10, 2022

Varsity Firsts:

- We finally cashed in on a Cali Abbatessa corner kick serve!  Cali has been placing them perfectly all season but we hadn't been able to finish one until yesterday.  The goal was scored by Liv with assists going to Cali and Krysta.


- I believe Reese Holland and Krysta Zamejtis each had their first "Spotlight Speeches" on the bus rides home from Marblehead and N. Andover.  Well done girls.


Plays of the Week:

- Lily Delafano did an amazing job defending Masco's super dangerous winger, Lauren Boughner.  Boughner has put up a large amount of goals and assists for Masco this season and she's been one of the fastest players in the league.  Lily stayed with her step for step throughout the game and made outstanding defensive plays the entire game.  That's a lot of pressure on a freshman and Lily handled it extremely well.


-Lila Doucette had a gorgeous goal vs. Masco.  Krysta Zamejtis played a nice through ball to Lila who took a dribble and then hammered a shot from distance into the back of the net.  Judging by the game, the opponent and the difficulty level of the shot, that may be the goal of the year... so far.


- Emily Goddard made an incredible PK save against Masco.  I know it didn't turn out the way we hoped, but it was an amazing moment of ability by Emily. 


- Ellie Anderson's goal at Marblehead was exactly what we've been working on.  Olivia St. Pierre sent Georgia Prouty in behind the defense with a soft pass and Georgia played the ball right across the 6 to a wide open Ellie.  Ellie found the corner easily for the goal.


- Olivia St. Pierre hit a bomb from just outside the 18 in the Marblehead game.  Her shot shook the crossbar and went straight down on the goal line... no goal was allowed, but I've watched it over and over again on video and it certainly looked like a goal to me.


- Georgia Prouty's game winning goal assisted by Liv St. Pierre was timely (about 5 minutes remaining) and crucial as we needed to get back in the win column.  


- Cali Abbatessa sent another great corner kick cross into the box vs. North Andover with the game tied, midway through the second half.  Krysta Zamejtis was able to flick the ball on into the crowd where Liv St. Pierre was able to finish the goal.  That was a huge, game winning play that enabled us to get our second win of the week.


- Ryley Crosby did it again.  Late in the game, North Andover had a shot on our open net and Ryley was there on the goal line to make the clear.  3rd time this year!


Player(s) of the Week:

- It was an amazing week for Mikayla Shaffaval.  She played lights out defending vs. an extremely offensively talented Masco Team.  Mikayla was aggressive, marked well and made quick decisions in our best game of the season.  She organized our back 4 extremely well and made sure there were no Masco attackers unaccounted for throughout the entire game.  Against Marblehead, Reese Holland was our star of the game making bone cracking tackles and being the first to 50 / 50 balls.  Mikayla was a vital part of that keeping the defensive shape and cleaning up anything that got through our first line of defense.  Mikayla was named player of the game at North Andover yesterday.  She was very aggressive stepping up towards the mid-line to win bouncing balls and compete for headers.  All in all, Mikayla had a tremendous 3 games leading our defense and always doing it with a huge smile on her face.  Keep it up Mikayla!


- Olivia St. Pierre factored in 4 of our 5 goals this week.  Although she wasn't part of our goal vs. Masco, Liv had a solid game in the middle of the field for us both defensively and as our play making center mid.  Against Marblehead, she assisted on both goals, making the initial pass to create the Ellie goal and then sending Georgia through the defense on the game winning goal.  She also had some near goals herself in that game.  Yesterday, Liv scored both our goals in our 2-1 win over North Andover.  Her first was assisted by Ellie and She was able to hit a low shot to the corner to beat the keeper late in the first half.  Liv's game winner came in the second half off of a Cali corner kick, flicked on by Krysta.  Olivia also hit the crossbar again in this game!  In 3 games this week she tallied 2 goals and 2 assists, but it's been her steady, overall play in the middle that has really helped our team.  She's a freshman playing a huge role for us and doing an outstanding job.  Congrats Liv!


Exciting Team News:  

- The Team has climbed up to #15 in the latest MIAA Power Rankings for Division 2.  Now that we're in the Tournament, we'll try and get as high a seed as we possibly can.  Staying at or above 16 should get us a Home game, but we need to keep playing well in our final 3 games to make sure that happens.


- Olivia Page and Cali Abbatessa were the 2 finalist in our Goalie Wars competition on Friday.  We try to celebrate our goalies (and wanna be goalies) each year by doing this tournament.  We didn't predict that Olivia (not a full time keeper) and Cali (playing with 1 healthy hand) would advance to the finals in an 18 player field, but they did.  Congrats to Olivia in her victory and well done both girls!


- 31 straight years qualified for the State Tournament!  Congratulations girls on keeping a tradition going that dates back to 1991.  In 2020 (Covid year) there was no State Tournament.  Our Team was 11-0 that year in a short season, so it's been 31 straight tournaments that the team will have played in.  That's the best part of the season and the Team is very excited about continuing on our season into November!

Highlights of the Week - October 3, 2022

Varsity Firsts:

- Lila Doucette scored her first career varsity goal vs. Swampscott, assisted by Skylar.


- Skylar Laws registered her first career varsity point with an assist on Lila's goal vs. Swampscott.


Plays of the Week:

- Mikayla Shaffaval created a lot of intensity when we moved her up to striker from her normal center back spot vs. Andover in the second half.  Only 2 minutes in, her touch on the ball just crossed the Andover goal line, assisted by Lila.  


Emily Goddard made 18 saves vs. Andover!  That's a lot!  12 of them came in the first half and several were absolutely spectacular.  


Lila Doucette had our only goal in the Swampscott game.  Skylar Laws played a deep, diagonal serve into the box that was headed right to Lila.  Lila hit it in stride from about 20 yards out, right over the keepers outstretched hands.  


Emily Goddard had 2 saves in the first half vs. Brookline that were sensational.  She also made a total of 19 on the day!!  Wow!


Ellie Anderson's goal vs. Brookline really pumped the Team up!  Courtney made a nice serve into the box that Ellie brought down with her head and continued to work through a crowd until she had finished with a hard fought goal.


- Late in the Brookline game, #10 broke in from the right side of the field and hit a rocket straight into the back of our net... almost... until Ryley Crosby was there on the goal line to 1 touch the ball out of danger.  


Player(s) of the Week:

- Courtney Hinchion had a terrific week for us playing awesome in our Andover and Brookline games.  Against Andover in the first half when most of the team was struggling, Courtney played well and challenged for and won many 50 / 50 battles in the midfield and then would start our attack.  She had an even better second half as the rest of the Team turned it on and played much better.  Courtney has been one of our better 1 and 2 touch players throughout the entire season and when we possess the ball, she's usually a big part of it.  She continued that strong passing play in our game vs. Swampscott.  Yesterday against Brookline, she kick started our adrenaline in the second half when she ran around a defender trying to shield the ball out of bounds and kick it off of her resulting in the first of our 4 consecutive corner kicks.  Later on in the half, Courtney beat a defender and served a great ball into the box where Ellie was able to finish the goal.  Lots of Grit this week Courtney.  Well in!


- Ellie Anderson gives us everything she has, every minute she's on the field.  Ellie had strong games in all 3 games this week.  Sometimes it might take you a minute to find her on the field due to the amount of positions she's been playing.  Against Andover she started at forward but quickly found time at outside back.  Then against Swampscott, she started on the wing and found herself back on defense and then back on offense.  Ellie's best game of the week came yesterday vs. Brookline.  She beat the defense twice in the first half playing on the right wing.  In the second half she was dominant at the right midfield position making run after run up the field in the attack and also defending well once we turned the ball over.  Her goal at the 20 minute mark was all due to hustle and determination.  Ellie has become so valuable to our Team with her versatility.  Keep it up Ellie!


- Lila Doucette has made a big difference since coming back from injury.  She has played all 3 forward spots and plays at a relentless pace, often forcing the defense into making mistakes.  Lila lead our Team in shots on net in all 3 games this week.  Against Andover she picked up the assist on the Mikayla goal that got the team going early in the second half.  Lila's shot from distance off of a Skylar rebound against Swampscott made all the difference in that game.  Her first career goal couldn't have come at a better time.  Against Brookline she was a warrior, battling the physical play of the large, aggressive defenders she was facing.  Although she didn't find the back of the net in this game, it was her continuous sprinting for every play on the field that made a difference.  She had a great moment in the first half when she ran around a defender trying to shield the ball and stole it from her.  Lila took a solid shoulder to the jaw late in the game and had to come off the field.  She's doing fine however, and will continue to make a difference this coming week.  Well done Lila!


- Emily Goddard is a Player of the Week for the second straight week.  She made 18 saves vs. Andover.  She made 4 saves vs. Swampscott.  Then she capped off the week with 19 saves vs. Brookline!  41 saves in 1 week is extremely impressive and probably a record for any Danvers keeper.  Obviously we'd rather have Emily only having to make a few saves a game but it's a good feeling knowing you have one of the top keepers in EA MA protecting your goal.  Emily's saves aren't always easy either.  She has routinely come up with amazing saves of every variety to keep it out of our net.  Let's hope we give Emily a slightly easier week coming up.  However, if a team gets a chance on our goal, we all like our odds of Emily coming up with the spectacular save.  Nice job Emily!

Exciting Team News:  

- The MIAA Power Rankings are now being updated every Tuesday and Friday.  We are currently #18 in division 2.  Once again the top 32 teams qualify for the State Tournament in November.  A Team can also qualify if they are outside of the top 32 with a .500 record or better.  We're looking to climb into the top 16 so we can try and grab a Home game for the first round.  We need 3 more points to qualify with a .500 record or better.  Although we didn't get a win this week, there is a chance our Power Ranking could improve due to the strength of the Teams we've played.


- Team "Black" won the annual Falcon Cup, 4 v 4 tournament at practice on Wednesday.  The team included Ryley, Teagan, Katie and Mikayla who won in sudden death over the "yellow" team of Courtney, Georgia, Brooke, Cali and Ellie.


- Maddie Dembowski won the Goalkeeper version of the tournament allowing only 4 goals throughout.

Highlights of the Week - Week of September 26, 2022

Varsity Firsts:

Addi McCarty registered her first, career varsity point when she combined with Olivia for the assist on Georgia's second goal at B. Fenwick.

Plays of the Week:

- Georgia Prouty's first goal of the game vs. B. Fenwick was simply amazing.  Salem News reporter, Matt Williams said it was an 80 yard run and that he'd never seen anything like it in all his years covering girl's soccer.  I don't know if it was 80 yards but, Lila played a nice pass to Georgia somewhere inside our own half, and Georgia took it from there.  She out sprint dribbled everyone on the B. Fenwick defense and finished with an awesome goal.


Ryley Crosby had a huge defensive play for us in the first half vs. B. Fenwick. The Crusaders had a corner kick which got knocked around our box a bit before a B. Fenwick attacker got it at her foot with a wide open goal in front of her.  However, Ryley was doing her job, defending the post and was able to clear the shot out of harms way, keeping our shutout in tact.  It was a timely, smart play by Ryley!


- Olivia St. Pierre had an amazing game against Peabody.  There was one particular stretch in the first half where Liv had the ball on her foot about 30 yards from the Tanner goal, swarmed by defenders.  Somehow, she was able to dribble and navigate through 5 defenders, untouched.  2 of them fell to the ground completely faked out by her trickery.  There was a lot more of that in the second half too, but that one particular moment really stuck out.


- Georgia Prouty got our only goal of the game vs. Peabody on her own corner kick.  Usually players can swing a serve in and sometimes score that way.  Georgia, however took the kick lefty and it should have been bending away from the Peabody goal.  She hit it so hard and on a line, that it caught the Peabody keeper by surprise and she wasn't able to save it.  Great goal, only 2 minutes into the game.


Player(s) of the Week:

- Olivia St. Pierre played some fantastic soccer this week.  Against B. Fenwick she played great in the middle of the field and really helped us possess the ball well.  She assisted on Georgia's second goal along with Addi and she played very creatively.  Liv owned the game vs. Peabody.  That was our best possession game to date and she was a major part of it.  She unselfishly played 1 and 2 touch when players were open and she also broke down defenders with her dribbling skills when needed.  She had several close misses off of restarts as well. Olivia was named Player of the Game on our bus ride Home from Peabody and we certainly hope to see more of that!  Awesome playing Liv!


- Emily Goddard quietly had a pretty terrific week as well.  In goal she was able to blank both B. Fenwick and Peabody for the Team's 5th and 6th shutouts of the season - 4 straight!  It wasn't as though she just had easy games either... Emily made 6 saves in the B. Fenwick game with one of those saves being a 50 / 50 ball on an attackers foot that she completely snuffed out.  Against Peabody, Emily made 11 saves on the night and 1 of them she had to completely lay out for and put her body on the line.  She also judged balls over our back line very well and played them well with her feet.  Super job Emily!


Georgia Prouty was the only player that scored this week!  She had that one, amazing run for her first goal vs. B. Fenwick and then 2 more in the second half, assisted by Addi and Liv and then Krysta on the third one.  That was our first Hat Trick of the season.  Georgia then got the game winner against Peabody in only the second minute of play on that well struck corner kick.  In addition to the goals, Georgia never stops running on the field, both into attack and also when getting back defensively.  There were times vs. Peabody that she was back on our back line defending and then getting our offense going from there.  She covers a ton of ground!  Well in Georgia!

Highlights of the Week - Week of September 19, 2022

Varsity Firsts:
- Courtney Hinchion scored her first career varsity goal on senior night, assisted by Georgia.  Later on, Courtney also assisted on Reese's goal.

- Reese Holland scored her first career varsity goal vs. Winthrop on a bomb from distance.  It was assisted by Courtney and Ellie.

Plays of the Week:
- Mikayla Shaffaval scored an amazing header goal off a perfect corner kick serve from Cali Abbatessa on senior night.  It was a text book header to the back of the net.

- Emma Gibbons had the "near goal" of the year on senior night when she went for a 50/50 ball with the Winthrop keeper.  Cali served a cross in towards the box and Emma charged through the keeper and the ball went right into the goal.  Unfortunately the goal was disallowed but it was an awesome moment of hustle and aggressiveness.  1/2 a goal in my book!

- Reese Holland's goal was awesome vs. Winthrop.  It was our 6th and final goal of the night.  Cali served a corner through the box.  Courtney battled a defender for the ball and passed it back to the 18.  Ellie tipped it to Reese, and Reese uncorked a blast from way out.  It was a fantastic play!

- Ellie Anderson's goal 15 minutes into the game vs. Lynnfield was much needed.  Olivia sent a through ball that sent Ellie in alone on the Lynnfield keeper.  Ellie calmly placed the ball with her left foot into the back of the net giving us the eventual game winner.  


- Olivia St. Pierre gets the final play of the week on her goal with 4 minutes remaining in the first half of the Lynnfield game.  Georgia played a square pass to Liv who took a touch, then hit a laser from about 30 yards out to the top of the goal for the 2 goal lead.  That goal gave us some much needed breathing room for the second half. 

Player of the Week:
- For the second straight week, Sophomore Georgia Prouty is our Player of the Week.  We didn't have a lot of bright moments at Beverly on Monday, but Georgia played hard the entire game and found the back of the Beverly net twice.  Assists went to Olivia and Ellie.  On Senior night, Georgia scored off a nice pass from Katie.  She then played the role of play maker, setting up her senior teammates, Katie and Courtney for their goals.  Yesterday, Georgia assisted on Liv's goal but it was her defensive work that stood out to me.  Georgia worked tirelessly in the midfield putting pressure on the Lynnfield mids and causing them to turn the ball over.  Georgia never gave them time to get any kind of possession going and we benefited greatly from that.  All in all, Georgia scored 3 and assisted on 3 for the week, along with giving 100 percent at all times in every game.  Great work Georgia!

Exciting Team News:  
- Olivia St. Pierre is this year's Panna Champion!  We held our second annual "Pana" Tournament at practice this week.  Panna is another word for Nutmeg and it originated in Amsterdam.  All of the players participated in a 1 v 1 style tournament with extra points going to any player that could "Panna" their competition.  Liv advanced to the finals to face Emily Goddard and she scored a Panna for the victory!  The girls enjoyed it and we'll continue this tradition every year.  Here is a youtube video if you'd like to see a real Panna match in action:

- Coach Ashley "Sully" Gawrys and her husband Jeff are expecting their first child next Friday!  We wish you both the very best and we're so excited for you.  Ashley is going to be an amazing Mommy!  We can't wait to welcome the newest little Falcon to our Team.  

- I want to give a shout out to Coach Taylor "Tata" Orlando.  Taylor had her 4th knee surgery on Friday and it went very well.  It certainly hasn't slowed Taylor down as she was back on the sideline 1 day later to coach in our win over Lynnfield.  Here's hoping you have a successful and quick recovery Taylor!

Highlights of the Week - Week of September 12, 2022

Varsity Firsts:

- Lila Doucette registered her first career varsity point with an assist on the first goal of the game by Georgia Prouty at Gloucester.  


- Olivia St. Pierre scored her first career varsity goal at Gloucester off an assist by Georgia.  Liv scored her second later in the game, set up by Cali Abbatessa. 

Plays of the Week:

- Katie Walfield's goal at Gloucester was beautiful.  She hit a rocket from outside the box, unassisted to give us our 5th goal.  Katie has been ripping the back of the net at practice with her shooting!


- Emily Goddard made a "come out of the net, sliding save" against Gloucester early in the game to keep them at 0 on the scoreboard.  Emma Gibbons came on in the second half and also made 1 big save to help keep the shut out in tact.  


- In a span of 5 minutes in the first half vs. Marblehead, Ellie Anderson and Georgia Prouty combined in the attack to give us the tying goal and to put us up 2-1.  Ellie scored the first off a rebound of a Georgia shot and Georgia scored the second off a through ball pass from Ellie.  


Player(s) of the Week:

- Junior Reese Holland had a very strong week for the team on defense.  In our game against Gloucester, Reese played well both at left back and center back, helping the team post a clean scoring sheet on the road.  Reese injured her ankle the next day at practice and spent the rest of the evening icing.  Nobody would have ever known with the way she played against Marblehead the following night.  Reese was amazing in that game and really set the tone for the rest of the team, playing physical and winning every head ball.  Keep it up Reese!


- Sophomore Georgia Prouty was an offensive standout for us this week.  From her attacking mid position she totaled 3 goals and 2 assists in the 2 games.  She scored 2 and assisted on 1 vs. Gloucester and she had a goal and an assist in our tie against Marblehead.  Georgia has been one of our most creative players in our attack so far and it's great to see her leading our offense.  Well done Georgia!


Exciting Team NewsGeorgia Prouty was recognized by the Boston Globe this week.  She was named one of their "Players of the Week" for her strong play to start off the season.  Congratulations Georgia.  We're always excited when a Danvers player gets a shout out from the Boston papers.  

Here is the link:

Highlights of the Week - Week of September 5, 2022

Varsity Firsts:

- Georgia Prouty had the honor of scoring the first goal of the season in our game vs. Peabody.  She then added a second as well!  Both were assisted by Liv St. Pierre.

- Liv St. Pierre notched her first career varsity point on an assist of Georgia's goal vs. Peabody.  She added another in the second half.

- Emily Goddard and the team posted their first shut out of the season vs. Peabody.  Emily made 7 saves and great Team defense also was a major contributor to the shut out.


Plays of the Week:

- Before the Peabody game, Coach Abbatessa gave an emotional speech that had us all reflecting and it certainly had a big affect on our Seniors.  Thank You Coach!


- Lots of things can go wrong in the first Home game and during the National Anthem, our sound system went out.  Well done by the team for singing the rest of the song!  Your music teachers would be proud.


- On the field, Emily Goddard made the play of the week.  Only minutes before half time, and clinging to a 1 goal lead, a Peabody attacker broke in on our goal alone.  Emily came out and made a fantastic, collapsing save to shut down the opportunity and preserve our lead going into half time.  It was a big momentum booster!


Player of the Week:

Senior Captain, Mikayla Shaffafal is our player of the week.  Against Peabody she played all 80 minutes in the center of our back line.  She kept the defense organized and made some huge individual tackles herself to help keep our shut out in tact.  Peabody only had 2 shots the entire second half and Mikayla and her defensive teammates were a major reason for that.  Against Masconomet, Mikayla continued her strong play in the back.  On a day when most of the team was not at their very best, Mikayla continued to perform.  Many times she outraced the speedy attackers from Masco and was able to shut down dangerous attacks.  She also played all 80 minutes again, this time in the hot, hot sun and never let up.

Well done Mikayla!!


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